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Whose responsibility is it to produce ‘ready to eat’ graduates? November 19, 2009

Posted by Catherine in English for Progress.
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David Graddol interviewed key figures in the corporate sector around the challenges they find in recruiting employees.  The corporate sector wants candidates who are immediately employable as there is the danger that they may invest in people who then move on to join other companies.  The skills they are looking for are more than just communication skills, although these are of course of extreme importance, but also inlcude other skills such as teamwork.  It was argued that school often kills initiative and confidence, and certainly does not produce the kind of candidate that the corporate sector wants.

What do you think?  Whose responsibility is it to produce the kind of candidates who are ready to enter the corporate sector?  Is it the resonsibility of the education system or the responsibility of the corporate sector?


1. K S Manojkumar - November 19, 2009

Hello, I am Manojkumar, writing from Pune. Could you plese let me know if David’s report, English Next India, is available in book form, and where I can buy it. Or has he put a PDF format like he did with his earlier book. Thanks.

2. julianparry - November 19, 2009

Hi Manojkumar and welcome to the blog. The current version of the book is a pre-publication edition for discussion at our conference. David plans to update the book based on feedback during the conference and we aim to have the final edition published in January 2010. When it is out you will be able to get a copy from our library in Pune or online.

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