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Keeping the discussion going November 20, 2009

Posted by Stephen in English for Progress.

It’s Friday evening and the face to face conference is over. It was a fantastic two days!

Thank you to all of you who have posted and commented on this blog – the discussion has been stimulating, wide ranging and engaging. We want to keep the discussion going over the next few weeks, so we’ll be keeping the blog open. Many of the speakers will be checking the posts about their sessions, so a good oportunity to connect with them via comments. You can also comment directly on the recorded sessions on the same page where you view them, and read others’ comments. We’ll also be uploading more photos and interviews, so keep an eye on YouTube and Picassa.



1. Susan Hillyard - November 28, 2009

You must think I’m an ungrateful wretch but I had, for the first time in my packed tech life, real internet probs and had to get the techie in to change a dysfunctioning router.

Now I’m back after a very stressful week doing a further on-line course and wondering where you all got to…….

Will you keep the recordings up for a while so we can watch them ?
And I will try to join in on some of the blogs when I’ve done so.
Susan H

Stephen - November 28, 2009

Hi Susan

We’ll keep the recordings and all the conference content up for some time to come. Looking forward to seeing you back on the site!


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