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When Library became College April 21, 2011

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It was John Keats’s birthday when I became a member of British Council Library, Kolkata, in 1996. I had tried to become a member of the British Council Library earlier but the library officials stated that I had to be at least a graduate student to become a member. It was a haloed turf for me because the library had a great collection of English Literature books, which were of great interest to me. Located in Shakespeare Sarani (formerly Theatre Road), the library had an old world charm to it if a telescopic view into almost fifteen years past is taken from now. The wooden interiors, the manual catalogues, the lending of audio cassettes, the blue-covered notes on literature, all had become an integral part of my life.

As years passed by the interiors became plush, the audio cassettes gave way to CDs, computers took over cataloguing and issuing, the notes on literature got neglected, the cafe became in-house, a kids’ section was added, film DVDs were compiled, subscription of academic journals diminished, internet and photocopying facilities were introduced, and the library itself  shifted from its Shakespeare Sarani address to Larsen and Toubro Chambers in Camac Street. But my attachment remained undeterred.

It is so because when I didn’t have a college to go to, the British Council library became my college. When I didn’t have a university to go to, the British Council library became my university. When I didn’t have a professor to consult with, the British Council library became my professor. When I didn’t have a peer to lift my mood, the British Council library became my peer. I treasure the Pictorial Retrospective of V. S. Naipaul that I won at the V. S. Naipaul quiz organized by the British Council library. The six Best of Bookers shortlisted books, which I won in another British Council organized quiz, adorn my bookshelf. The library still provides me with books for sustenance and a space to cherish. It has been a constant in my life and will always remain so. I believe there are many people who have had intimate associations with this or other libraries in their lives.

Post by – © Amit Shankar Saha

Amit Shankar Saha


1. Atasi Sen - April 27, 2011

Well written Amit.

2. top indian institute - May 1, 2011

thanks amit

3. Amit Shankar Saha - May 2, 2011

Thank you Atasi for reading and commenting.

4. Iit jee 2012 - February 9, 2012

Really heart touching post. Nicely written.

5. Amit Shankar Saha - February 13, 2012


6. Devika P - March 2, 2012

Very nice post actually reminded me of my first visit to the British council Library in Mumbai still remember the impact it had made on me. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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Amit Shankar Saha - March 8, 2012

Thank you Devika for reading and sharing your views.

7. kumar - July 17, 2012

Well written Amit. Very good article and useful too.

Amit Shankar Saha - August 24, 2012

Glad it is of use. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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