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Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards in India July 30, 2011

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There wasn’t enough recognition and understanding of creative entrepreneurship in India and more so in 2005, when we launched the inaugural design and publishing entrepreneur awards. Since then, we’ve expanded our portfolio to offer the entire suite of awards to include music (2006), screen (2007), fashion, interactive (2008) and performing arts (2009).

By 2009, India was the only country to have done all International YCE awards including design, fashion, music, screen, interactive, publishing and performing arts. 

India was the market focus country for all UK YCE awards in 2008 – 2009. 35 young British creative entrepreneurs took part in the programme, travelling to Indiato take part in sector-specific study tours.  

India has won international awards for Publishing, Design, Music and Interactive and received special commendation for Fashion. 

Today, the programme has reached out to over 1000+ entrepreneurs across the sectors making India’s network of creative entrepreneurs the largest within the International YCE community. 

Over the years there have been 208 finalists, 47 India winners and 4 International winners (Publishing, Design, Music, and Interactive). We have been able to identify the talent and nurture it to give them a platform to take their businesses to the next level.   

Currently there are 2050+ members on the YCE India page on Facebook.

The 2010 YCE winners were featured on CNBC TV18’s programme Young Turks http://vimeo.com/ibritishcouncil/yceoncnbc 

The 2011 YCE awards night was featured on CNBC TV18’s Young Turks Buzz http://www.moneycontrol.com/video/specialvideos/ytbuzzyoungsparksallwalkslifebattleitout_568313.html?utm_source=Article_Vid


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